The Reader

This passage is about a man who loves to read.

Lexile Level: 790L

Categories: Classics & Literature

When they had a book fair in the little town of Marsville, everyone was sure Melvin would be there. There wasn't a more avid reader than Melvin in the entire town. There probably wasn't one in the whole county either. Melvin loved to read. He loved reading fiction and nonfiction books. He had read so many short stories and novels that he sometimes had trouble keeping all of the plots and the characters straight. He also liked reading history and how-to books. He knew almost everything there was to know about the past. And if you needed help building a fence or rewiring your house, Melvin was the one to ask for advice. People often joked that Melvin was like a walking encyclopedia. Melvin just laughed and told them that if they would read as much as he did, they could be encyclopedias too.


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