This passage is about all the things that come in the mail.

Lexile Level: 830L

Categories: People & Places

All kinds of surprises come in the mail. Adults get notices, bills, catalogs, and other mail called "junk." Junk mail is usually not from anyone you know; often it is a special offer trying to get you to buy something. Catalogs are a way to shop at home and not have to go to the store. The best surprise in the mailbox is a letter from a friend or a relative. It's like a telephone call or an e-mail but on paper instead. Whenever a letter or card arrives, it is a signal that someone has been thinking about you. The person took the time to write a card, put your address and a stamp on an envelope, and send it through the mail. Thanks to mail carriers, we can stay in touch with people all over the country or the world. Why not send a note to someone special today?

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