Beach Day

This passage is about Ellie's adventures at the beach.

Lexile Level: 760L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Ellie squinted and smiled at the sea. She watched a line of pelicans glide low over the water. One bird dove then emerged with a fish twisting in its beak. Ellie's father dozed noisily on a beach towel, basking in the afternoon sun. Her mother was busy introducing her baby brother to the salt water. So Ellie splashed alone in the small pools that the tide had left behind. She liked to catch the tiny clams in these pools. Kneeling to paw at the sand, a movement caught her eye. A small, trapped fish darted around in the pool. She could see its unblinking eye looking for a way back to the ocean. Ellie dug a furrow from the pool's lower edge toward the sea. The pool water flowed into it, bringing along the fish. When a wave made it up to the furrow, the fish dashed out and was free.

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