The Spelling Contest

This passage is about a boy who can spell better than his brothers.

Lexile Level: 1020L

Categories: Adventure

As the youngest and therefore smallest, Christopher always found it difficult to keep up with his brothers. No matter how much he wanted to help herd the cows or chop the evening's firewood, he could never quite manage the tasks he took on. His brothers, being young and prone to take enjoyment from the misfortune of others, went to great lengths to remind Christopher of his shortcomings. Then one day when the three boys were walking home and the teasing had become particularly heated, Christopher decided he'd had enough. Christopher turned to his brothers, puffed out his chest, and challenged them to a spelling contest. Just that day, Christopher had won the local spelling bee--a feat no one in the family had ever accomplished. After he showed them the three-foot trophy he'd brought home, his brothers treated him with a little more respect. They didn't know how to spell "equine."

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