The Story of the Moon

This passage is a legend of how the moon came to be.

Lexile Level: 890L

Categories: Fantasy

The story of the moon is as old as time. At the end of the first day when Sun retreated over the horizon and darkness filled the sky, the people on Earth were frightened by the veil of shadow that enveloped them. Sun saw their fear, and it troubled him. As he sat wondering how he might bring his light back to the people, his sister Moon approached him. When Sun turned towards her, he saw his reflection cast off her face, and he knew what to do. He asked his dear sister to hang about in the sky while he went below the earth to sleep. His light would reflect off his sister and light the world while he slept. Moon, glad to help her brother, agreed. She flew up into the night sky and soon began glowing brightly from Sun's rays. On Earth, the light comforted the people until Sun was able to return the next day.


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