This passage is about a man's diving experience.

Lexile Level: 840L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

He stood on the edge of the boat, gazing down into the blackness. The rope that fell away into the water was 300 feet long though he knew he only had to descend for about a hundred. He grabbed hold of the fifty-pound weight, took a deep breath, and jumped in. As he plummeted he kept one hand on the steel weight sliding down the rope and the other on a trigger connected to a balloon of compressed air that would carry him back to the surface. The radio in his ear announced his progress: twenty feet...thirty feet...forty feet. He could feel the pressure building in his eardrums. The radio counted sixty feet...seventy feet. The cold was almost unbearable. Finally he heard the last "ping" in his radio, dropped the weight, and pressed the trigger. The balloon inflated, and he felt an upward tug. As he moved towards the surface, he tilted back his head and saw the rays of sunshine that he knew would soon be warming his face.


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