Tiger Visit

This passage is about Freddy's visit to see the tigers at the zoo.

Lexile Level: 1010L

Categories: Animals & Nature

The class was moving on to the next area of the zoo, but Freddy asked to stay behind to keep watching the pair of tigers. Freddy's teacher approved, nodding, but warned him not to wander off and betray her trust. She knew that such mischief wouldn't even occur to him though. Since Freddy was young, tigers had always been his favorite animal. He knew the difference between Bengal tigers, which lived in India and southeast Asia, and Siberian tigers, which had thicker coats and lived in colder northern climates. Scrutinizing the tigers, Freddy leaned his chin on the railing of their enclosure. They lolled in the sun, panting, yawning, curling their tongues, and licking their paws. Freddy yawned also and loudly. The tigers raised their orange, striped heads and stared at him. Freddy apologized, and the tigers lowered their chins to their paws and went to asleep.


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