Feeding the Gulls

This passage is about a ferry ride spent feeding the sea gulls.

Lexile Level: 940L

Categories: Animals & Nature

The ferry chugged along. It labored forward slowly, pushing water ahead of it and bubbling water up behind it. People got out of their cars and went to the back of the boat where sea gulls hovered like low flying kites on stiff wings. Only the gulls' heads moved right and left to see who would bring the bread. Finally, an old man, wearing black jeans and a wool jacket, pulled a pinch of bread out of his pocket and threw it up to no bird in particular. The gulls all came out of their frozen stances and dove for the bread. More people retrieved bread from their cars and began feeding the birds too. More and more gulls arrived to see what they could eat. Everyone stared up at the birds, amazed at what they could do in the air.

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