This passage details Italian traffic.

Lexile Level: 900L

Categories: People & Places

He thought that the cars here in Italy were smaller but mostly similar to the cars at home. Watching the intersection, he thought there would surely be a car accident any minute. Cars darted into the circle intersection from every direction. There were painted dashes that marked the lanes of traffic just like everywhere in America, but here, no one seemed to pay any attention to them. There were no traffic lights, but he didn't think that any of the drivers would pay attention to them anyway. Mopeds flew around the cars, between the cars, and past the cars. Trucks moved slowly like big whales in an ocean of fish. No one used a turn signal, but everyone used their horns. The more he watched the more he realized that there was not going to be an accident; the flow of cars moved as if part of a masterful symphony. They knew when to move, where to move, and how to move according to their part.

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