Sarah's Cashews

This passage is about Sarah spilling her cashews in study hall.

Lexile Level: 850L

Categories: Adventure

Cashews spilled all over the table, and Sarah dropped the bag and tried to keep them from scattering farther. The silence was broken; however, when she looked up everyone in study hall was staring at her. She groaned inwardly and sunk down in her chair. The other kids looked back at their work. Luckily, Sarah saw, Mr. Jenkins hadn't noticed the nut catastrophe. She scooped all the cashews back into a pile and put them by handful back in the bag. When she finished, though, she looked in the bag and kept thinking of all the stuff that must have been on the desk. Now, some of that stuff was in the bag along with the nuts. She put the bag back in her backpack and looked down at her math book again. Twenty problems to finish, and now she had no snack to still her grumbling stomach.


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