Tommy's Water Race

This passage is about how Tommy throws sticks into the river to watch them float downstream.

Lexile Level: 1000L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

Tommy let the stick go and watched its tumbling path towards the water. Just before it hit, a breeze pushed it in towards the bridge's pier, and Tommy worried it would get stuck. But the stick just dove into the water and popped up to the surface a little downstream. He turned around, checked for traffic, and when he saw it was clear, he hurried to the other side of the bridge. The river currents intertwined and spread out from underneath the bridge. Tommy thought of the time his brother had turned the window fan to high behind the living room's long curtains. He started counting, wondering how long it would take for his stick to go under the bridge. He knew there were rocks down there, so there was a chance that it might get stuck, but he had a good feeling it would get through. Then he saw it dipping and bobbing around in the current on its way out into the clear water.

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