Desert Walk

This passage is about when Wallace was stranded in the desert.

Lexile Level: 840L

Categories: Adventure

Wallace's feet were incredibly painful. He imagined big blisters that covered his foot from toe to heel. Each step he took felt more agonizing than the last. The pain he felt now was far worse than when he was out in the desert camping with his parents and he'd stepped in the fire ant nest. What else could he do but walk? The car was several miles back on the desert highway with the engine seized up as if it had lockjaw. He thought about taking off the thin little slippers he was wearing; they were fashionable but incapable of protecting him from the scorching pavement. He wondered how long it would take for a car to pass by. None had in the last hour that he had been walking. He didn't even have his cell phone as usual, since he was on his way back to Christy's to pick it up. He would've been happy for just a little shade, but the cacti didn't cast enough to cover him.

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