Swimming Lessons

This passage is about Agnes' swimming lessons.

Lexile Level: 880L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Learning to swim was just about the hardest thing Agnes had ever attempted. Weeks before, when her mom signed her up for lessons, she had thought differently. She had told her mom that she thought only babies needed swimming lessons. Agnes thought it was as simple as kicking and waving your arms around. Now that Agnes was in the middle of her first lesson, she realized that it wasn't quite that easy. One of the first things Agnes learned was that she wasn't a floater. Her instructor explained to her that some people tend to float and that others sink. Unfortunately for Agnes, as soon as she stopped moving her arms and legs, she would sink below the surface like a stone. Her instructor told her that there was nothing Agnes could do to change her bouancy. She assured Agnes, though, that swimming was still possible.

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