Imagining Trees

This passage is about how Meredith imagines the history of the trees around her.

Lexile Level: 920L

Categories: History Adventure

Meredith grew up in a neighborhood with lots of trees. There were old oaks and maples. There were poplars and sycamore trees. Meredith loved them all. In the summertime she loved to sit down beneath one of the big trees, lean against its trunk and stare up at the clouds. As she sat there, Meredith would try to imagine all of the things that might have happened in that very spot in the many years since the tree first sprouted. She tried to picture what things might have looked like 50 years ago. Or she imagained, in the case of the huge old oak tree, events that happened more than 150 years ago. She imagined what it would have looked like before all of the streets and houses were there. She wondered if anyone in that time looked at the small oak sapling and imagined someone like her leaning against that same tree decades in the future.

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