Wallace Wolford's Parts Palace

This passage is about the difference one man makes in a small town.

Lexile Level: 970L

Categories: People & Places

If you need groceries, you go to the supermarket. If you need gas, you go to the gas station. And if you happen to live in Upper Smudgeville, Arkansas, and need a left-hand-threaded wing nut for the carburetor of a 1937 Packard sedan, you go to Wallace Wolford's Parts Palace. Wallace Wolford is the town's most successful businessman. Of course in a town as small as upper Smudgeville, there's not a whole lot of competition. And when you get right down to it, there's not that much success either. But as far as the people of Upper Smudgeville are concerned, the town couldn't survive without Wallace Wolford and his Parts Palace. Everything in Upper Smudgeville is old, the appliances people own and the vehicles they drive. Thankfully, the Parts Palace has everything they need to keep them running, which helps keep the town running, too.


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