This passage is about what happens when Stanley gets a new hobby.

Lexile Level: 920L

Categories: People & Places

Whenever anyone in the town of Morgan Falls wanted someone to watch their house while they were away, they called Stanley. Stanley was just about the most dependable, trustworthy person ever born. At least that's what the people of Morgan Falls used to say. Of course that all changed when Stanley got his computer and started surfing the Internet. In the old days Stanley mostly spent his time reading and puttering around his apartment. Sometimes he became very bored with the routine. So he was happy to stop by a neighbor's house to check in on things when the owners were away. But after Stanley bought his computer, he started spending more and more time in his room, buying and selling things on online auctions. The more time he spent doing that, the less time he had to help his neighbors. People were glad that Stanley had a hobby, but they missed his help.

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