Woody, the Dog

This passage is about a yellow lab named Woody.

Lexile Level: 950L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Woody, the yellow lab, is the friendliest dog you could ever hope to meet. Even people who are usually afraid of dogs aren't afraid of Woody. He has bright brown eyes, a freckled pink nose, and huge floppy ears that are softer than anything you've ever felt. You can tell just by looking at him that he's friendly. When he looks back at you, you would swear that he's smiling. When his big old tail starts wagging back and forth and his eyes light up, you know you're in for a friendly greeting. But Woody is not like some dogs who, even though they're friendly, sometimes jump on you and knock you down. Woody is a gentle dog. He approaches slowly and sits, waiting to be petted or to have his head rubbed. And when you do that, chances are he'll lay down on his side and wait for you to rub his tummy too.

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