This passage is about a boy who, though short, is an excellent basketball player.

Lexile Level: 930L

Categories: Sports & Health

A lot of people would probably say that being short is a disadvantage when it comes to playing basketball. But if those same people ever met Jimmy, they'd have a different opinion. Jimmy is short alright. But he's also one of the most talented basketball players you could ever hope to meet. He may not be a threat in a tip-off, but Jimmy can dribble with the best of them. His lay-ups are as good as anyone's. And everyone who knows him says the boy has hustle to spare. But where Jimmy really shines is at the free throw line. Even though he's flanked on both sides by players almost twice his height, Jimmy is the picture of confidence when he's standing at the line. He gives the ball a couple of quick bounces, rolls it once between his hands, and then lofts it toward the waiting basket with the poise of a ballet dancer. It's nothing but net when Jimmy throws.

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