The Camping Trip

This passage is about Danny's first camping trip.

Lexile Level: 870L

Categories: Sports & Health Animals & Nature Adventure

As he prepared for his first overnight camping trip, Danny made sure that he wasn't forgetting anything. He had made a list and was checking things off one by one. So far he had checked off his sleeping bag, his backpack, his canteen, his stocking cap, and his flashlight. He looked at his list, then went to his dresser to get his warm socks and an extra sweatshirt. After laying everything on his bed, he put a check on his list next to the item. Then Danny looked at his backpack. He wondered if he would be able to fit everything in it. When he had checked everything off his list, Danny started packing. After he had put everything in his pack, he lifted it on his shoulders. It didn't seem too heavy, so he decided to add a couple of books. The books made it heavier, but Danny figured it would be a good idea to take some information about camping.

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