Interesting Inventions

This passage is about inventions that didn't change humanity but are still interesting.

Lexile Level: 990L

Categories: History Science & Technology

An invention is an object or way of doing something that is new or unique. Some of the most famous inventions, such as the electric light, the automobile, the airplane, and the computer, have changed the way we live. Other inventions, although they are certainly new or unique, don't seem quite as likely to have a significant impact on humanity. And some inventions may even strike you as ridiculous. One such invention might be the Propeller Leg. It's a small, battery-powered trolling motor that attaches to a fisherman's leg. The fisherman sits in a round float with a built-in seat and points the leg with the motor on it up while using his other leg as a rudder. Another strange invention is the Banana Suitcase. As its name implies this invention is actually a small banana-shaped suitcase designed to protect bananas from bruising. What is next, lemon luggage?

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