Public Transportation

This passage is about different ways to travel.

Lexile Level: 920L

Categories: People & Places

How people get from one place to another sometimes depends on where they live. People who live in the country or in the suburbs often drive their own cars to their jobs and to run errands. Those who live or work in big cities or other urban areas might take public transportation instead. There are many different kinds of public transportation. Buses, subways, and light rail train systems are all examples of public transportation. People choose public transportation over private transportation for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it can be difficult to find places to park in big cities. And traffic in big cities can be bad as well. Sometimes people commute long distances to their jobs in the city. By taking a subway or light rail train, they can relax during their daily trips. Some commuters even work while they're on their way to their jobs.

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