Jeremy's Horse

This passage is about Jeremy and his horse.

Lexile Level: 940L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

The horse whinnied, reared up, and then hobbled to the side of the ring, holding up its back right hoof. Jeremy ran over to him to see what was wrong. The horse was breathing a little heavier than normal and seemed unwilling to put any weight on the foot. Jeremy didn't understand; the horse had just come out of the stables and had been fine when Jeremy put him in the night before. After he steadied the horse with some pats and soft words, Jeremy picked up the sore hoof to inspect it. Sure enough, there was a thin, long piece of wood sticking into the skin just behind the hoof. When Jeremy touched the splinter, the horse jerked suddenly and knocked Jeremy to his back. Jeremy whispered some calming words then he went back into the stable for a pair of pliers.

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