This passage is about the hummingbird.

Lexile Level: 1320L

Categories: Animals & Nature

The hummingbird is one of nature's delightful wonders. Often no larger than a human thumb, this tiny bird can beat its wings up to eighty times per second, allowing it to levitate in place as it extends its thin tongue and drinks nectar from a flower. There are roughly 330 species of hummingbirds, all of which are found in North and South America in areas as diverse and demanding as the Arizona desert and the Andes mountain range. Despite their delicate appearance, hummingbirds are tough and tenacious creatures. Because they need to sip nectar as often as every few minutes, hummingbirds are extremely territorial. Their birdcall consists almost entirely of aggressive sounds that are used to ward off competitors. When confronted by a rival, the hummingbird will rely on its incredibly powerful wing stroke to face the challenger midair and establish its dominance.

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