This passage is about one woman's difficult journey through the mountains.

Lexile Level: 1040L

Categories: Adventure

She awoke to the soft patter of rain on the ground by her face. The sky was still the cold, steel gray it had been for weeks, and a steady cloud of ash continued to fall upon everything. She stood up and shook out her tarp; the flash of cerulean was the only color she would see all day. It immediately brought her back to summer days long past, days spent sitting on the shore of a great blue lake with the waves gently lapping at her toes as she erected sandcastles and dreamed of what lay on the far shore. The lake, she thought, was now probably a muddy pool of sludge, dark and viscous, slowly devolving into some primordial ooze. Shaking off the gloom, she packed her bag and set out. She knew that she needed to get to the far side of the ice-capped mountains.

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