Golfing with Dad

This passage is about a boy who wants to go golfing with his father.

Lexile Level: 970L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Every Saturday morning for as long as he could remember, Paul would watch his dad load his golf clubs into the trunk of his car and drive away for his weekend round of golf. Paul had never given it much thought. It was just a part of the expected routine. But now that Paul was almost ten years old, he was starting to think that he would like to see what golfing was all about. He had watched it on TV with his dad before, so he had a good idea of how the game was played. As much as he wanted to go with his dad, Paul was afraid to ask because he thought that his dad might say no. But one Friday at dinner, Paul's dad turned to him and invited Paul to join him for golf! Can you guess what Paul's answer was?


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