Building Roads

This passage details the process of constructing a new road.

Lexile Level: 1120L

Categories: Science & Technology

Building a road is a process that involves many years of planning. Engineers study areas for new roads and take environmental factors, including vegetation, water sources, and animals, into consideration. Special computers are used to select a location that protects the environment and the people in the communities near road projects. Small airplanes with special cameras are used to help design the road by taking photographs of the location where the road will be built. Engineers use their math skills to determine where ramps and bridges should go. Other engineers with special science skills test pavement to be used in the building process. Once these tests are complete, contractors use the plans to construct roads and bridges. To finish the project, engineers add signs, markers, and signals for safety and directional information. Maps are created with new roads to help travelers plan trips.


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