Safety Belts

This passage is about the different types of safety belts.

Lexile Level: 1030L

Categories: Science & Technology

Wearing a safety belt while riding in a car is very important. It's against the law for passengers to ride in the front seat of a vehicle without a safety belt. A new law requires safety belts for back seat passengers too. These laws were passed in order to protect children and adults in case of automobile accidents. Babies and toddlers are required to sit in special safety seats to protect them since they are so small. Even when children get bigger, they need to use a booster seat until they are 8 years old or weigh 80 pounds. All children less than 16 years of age need to wear a safety belt no matter where they sit, in the front or the back of the car. Drivers are responsible for making sure that everyone in the car is buckled up for safety. It's so important because it could save a life!


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