Beach Glass

This passage details what beach glass is and how it's made.

Lexile Level: 1010L

Categories: Science & Technology Art & Music

There are many treasures to be found along the ocean. If you stroll down the sandy beach, you are likely to find pieces of shells, driftwood, and even beach glass. Beach glass is glass that has been washed by sand and water so much that the edges are smooth, and it is frosted instead of clear. These pieces of glass can come from bottles, windows, or any other kind of object that finds its way into the ocean either by accident or from a hurricane or storm. Beach glass comes in many colors, but some colors are more abundant than others. It's easier to find clear or green pieces. Brown pieces are a little harder to find, and blue, red, and yellow are the rarest ones of all. The next time you're at the water's edge, be sure to look down; you might spot the best beach glass treasure on the beach!

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