Electric Cars

This passage is about electric, gasoline-powered, and hybrid cars.

Lexile Level: 1120L

Categories: Science & Technology

Some of the first cars ever made were electric cars. But after the internal combustion engine was invented, electric cars eventually lost their popularity. But today, with gas prices high and lots of people concerned about air pollution and global warming, cars that use electricity are gaining popularity once again. Unlike the first electric cars, which were powered only by electricity, today's hybrid cars combine electric power with gasoline engines. This new technology combines the best features of electric cars with the best features of cars powered by the internal combustion engine. Onboard computers control the transition between electric and fuel modes. When acceleration is required, the gasoline engine provides the power. While cruising, the electric mode takes over. When the driver applies the brakes, the electric battery is recharged. Hybrid cars cost more to buy, but they are more economical to operate than gasoline-powered cars.


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