Benny The Chef

This passage is about a boy named Benny who loves to cook.

Lexile Level: 380L

Categories: Sports & Health

Benny always hurried home from school. His friends would play on the playground. His sister would visit their grandparents. But Benny didn't delay. He would step once on each sidewalk square. This made him take long, fast steps. When he arrived, he went right to the kitchen. He set his backpack on the table and began cooking. He started by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When he got older, he and his mom made brownies. Some days he made grilled cheese sandwiches. Today he was going to make a turkey salad. It was for dinner. He lined all the ingredients on the counter. Then he got out his recipe. He first tried this salad at his friend's house. He got the recipe from his friend's mom. Benny was changing it a little though. It didn't call for walnuts, but Benny added them anyway. He tasted the finished salad. It was good.

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