Pet Pigs

This passage is about a girl who learns she could have a pet pig.

Lexile Level: 390L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Sarah wanted a pet. Unfortunately she was allergic to cats and dogs. She didn't want fish. She thought a bird would be too noisy. One of her friends suggested a potbellied pig. Sarah thought that was strange. She asked her science teacher what he thought about pigs as pets. He told her that pigs make good pets. Despite popular belief, pigs are clean animals. They are also smart. He explained that not everyone can have a pet pig. The owner must have a big backyard. The pig needs run around. The owner must also have enough time to devote to the new pet. Pigs are sensitive. They need attention. The good news is that people with allergies can have pigs! Their hair doesn't shed. Cats and dogs shed. He gave Sarah information for a place that sold potbellied pigs. Sarah was excited. This might be her ideal pet! She knew she'd have to talk to her parents about it. But she couldn't wait to visit the little piglets. She wanted to learn more about them.


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