Daydreaming of Football

This passage is about a boy who wishes he were playing football.

Lexile Level: 380L

Categories: Sports & Health Art & Music

Lincoln walked out onto the football field. He envisioned himself running over the yards. The white lines disappeared behind him quickly. He could feel the lights. They would be hot on the field. The dry summer air snagged in his throat. He imagined the feel of the football in his arm. He imagined how his cleats would dig into the grass. He pressed toward the goal. He could almost hear the crowd. He listened for the other players to collide. His legs flexed. He imagined avoiding other players. Suddenly the sound of a trumpet invaded his daydream. He looked around, blinking his eyes. The rest of the marching band had arrived. It was time for practice to start. Quickly he tucked his flute under his arm. He joined his friends just before the band director called their attention. He told them to get into formation.

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