The Tree Climber

This passage is about a boy who enjoys climbing a tree.

Lexile Level: 350L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

The branches of the pine tree swayed slightly. The summer breeze played with his hair. He hauled himself up onto a low branch. Sap stuck on his fingers. He stood on the branch. The next level of branches was a short reach above. Up the tree he went. It was the tallest tree in the neighborhood. He shivered as he climbed. Thick clumps of needles kept the summer heat away. Once he neared the top, he stopped climbing. He leaned his back against the trunk. He stretched his legs along a wide branch. All his neighbors' roofs were visible. A plasic freezer bag was up in the tree. He kept things there. There was a book about stars and planets. There were three granola bars. There was a notebook and two pencils. He would spend the afternoon there quietly.


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