Piano Practice

This passage is about Jasper playing the piano.

Lexile Level: 290L

Categories: Art & Music

Jasper was frustrated. He practiced the piano every day at home. His family had an electronic keyboard. They couldn't fit a piano in their apartment. Jasper didn't mind. He loved to play. He even made up tunes and wrote words for them. He had been taking lessons for four years. At first playing piano was easy. The pieces had been simple, and Jasper had wanted to do well. But now the pieces were harder. They were more complicated and longer. Jasper's fingers would trip over each other. Or he would hit the wrong notes. Hard work by itself wasn't enough. Jasper complained to his older sister, who was good at piano. She asked him why he played. He said it was because he liked it. She told him not to worry. "Just enjoy yourself," she said. Jasper felt relieved. His sister was right. He sat right down to play.


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