This passage is about Jim's favorite costume.

Lexile Level: 340L

Categories: Fantasy

Jim liked to wear his monkey suit. It was furry and brown. It had a hood that tied under his neck. When he wore it, he hooted and jumped around a lot. His mother called him "monkey boy." He thought that was funny. He worried that he'd get too big for the monkey suit. He'd already outgrown his favorite pants. Maybe he could get another monkey suit. He wanted to always have monkey suits. Everybody should have monkey suits, he thought. His dad wouldn't let him wear the monkey suit to school. His teacher said no too. The monkey suit was just for home. But he'd wear it at costume parties. He liked costume parties. He would hoot. He would dance. His friend Marcia had a dog costume. It was black and brown. But Jim's monkey tail was longer.

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