Leave-No-Trace Camping

This passage describes a safe way for people to camp called "leave-no-trace" camping.

Lexile Level: 650L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Leave-no-trace camping is good for the environment. There are many rules to protect the plants and animals in nature. Campers should travel in small groups of four to six. They should not visit when parks are crowded. They should stay on the trail and at existing campsites. All trash and food should be packed up and carried out. Campers should leave rocks and plants where they find them. Campfires should be small. Small sticks found on the ground are perfect for building a fire. Fires should always be put completely out. Once a fire has cooled down, campers should scatter the ashes. Watching animals from a distance is the safest thing to do. Campers should never feed food to animals. It is important to store food and trash safely to protect the animals. Campers should also respect other campers. If campers keep their voices low, everyone can hear nature's sounds.

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