This passage is about when Abby's parents see her report card.

Lexile Level: 1350L

Categories: Fantasy

Abby poked the toe of her worn tennis shoe listlessly against the fringed edge of the rug while her parents sat on the couch, solemnly looking at her report card. The longer the silence lasted, the worse Abby felt, especially since she had given school her best effort, but found that ninth grade was far more challenging than eighth grade had been. Slowly, her father looked appraisingly at Abby, and after a moment, her mother also looked up. Abby bit her lip, anticipating what they would say. Just as she was about to explain that her assignments were more challenging this year and her inadequate grades were the consequence, both of her parents' faces broke into smiles. Abby was stunned when her mother handed the report card to her and she saw four As and two Bs, and even more stunned when her parents told her to get her coat--they were going out to dinner to celebrate.

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