Kelly's Jewels

This passage is about Kelly's rock collection.

Lexile Level: 390L

Categories: Animals & Nature Art & Music

Kelly liked to play outside. She had many friends in the neighborhood. But her favorite thing to do outside was collect rocks. She always looked for smooth, flat rocks. She didn't collect them just to have them around. She liked to color them. She would pile them up in the garage. Then she'd go get her art supplies. She would sit in the garage. She would color the rocks with markers, crayons, and paint. Sometimes she would glue glitter to them. As she worked, she would listen to the sounds outside. She heard birds singing and cars going by. She heard people talking. All the while, she would make the rocks colorful and bright. Kelly kept all of her decorated rocks in a pile. She imagined they were jewels. It made her happy to see her pile of jewels. It made her happy to spend quiet time alone. She liked making things beautiful.


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