Grandpa's Soup

This passage is about the soup that Mario's grandfather makes.

Lexile Level: 380L

Categories: Sports & Health

Mario's grandpa made the best soup. He made many different kinds of soups. He made tomato soup. He made chicken soup. He made soups with different pasta shapes. He made soups with lots of vegetables. He made creamy soups called chowder. Mario's grandpa was very good at making soup. He had his own restaurant. All they served was soup. But they also had big pieces of bread. And they had baskets of crackers. Mario often went to his grandpa's restaurant. His grandpa would take a break. He would have a bowl of soup with Mario. On Saturdays, Mario's grandfather didn't work. Instead he made huge pots of soup at home. All of the family would come over for dinner. Many neighbors came too. Sometimes Mario's friends would ask him if he ever got tired of eating soup. Mario never did.


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