Prairie Dogs

This passage talks about prairie dogs and how they live.

Lexile Level: 670L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Prairie dogs live in the western part of the United States and Mexico. They are related to squirrels. They feed on grass during the day. They sleep in burrows at night. Burrows are tunnels under the ground. They are usually about six feet deep and 30 feet long. About five billion prairie dogs once lived here. Most of them are gone now. Some types of prairie dogs are endangered or may become extinct. Farmers and ranchers see these animals as pests. Prairie dogs damage their crops. They eat the grass planted as food for cattle. Many ranchers and farmers kill prairie dogs to keep them off their land. Animal rights groups are worried that prairie dogs will disappear. Prairie dogs are an important part of the ecosystem. Their empty tunnels are turned into homes for rabbits, mice, and snakes. Prairie dogs serve as food for coyotes, eagles, bobcats, and badgers.


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