The Race

This passage is about a boy who has a great reason to enter a race.

Lexile Level: 540L

Categories: Sports & Health

Austin's legs burned. He could feel blisters on his ankles from where his sneakers rubbed. His lungs threatened to burst. But he kept going. He knew that he was near the end of the five-kilometer run. And he knew that he had to finish. The run was a benefit to raise money to find a cure for cancer. Austin's mother had been battling cancer for the last year. He knew she would be waiting for him at the finish line. He put his thoughts of being tired aside. He pushed the pain from his mind and ran harder. People along the route cheered and offered him plastic cups of water. He dumped a cup over his head like a marathon runner he had seen on television. The red banner over the finish line was just ahead. As he crossed, he looked around. The biggest smile in the crowd was on his mother's face.

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