Snow Ritual

This passage is about a ritual that Celia does when she is hoping for snow.

Lexile Level: 520L

Categories: Animals & Nature Art & Music

Before she went to bed, Celia listened to the weather report. There was a fifty-percent chance of snow overnight. It could go either way. So it was all up to her to get the snow to fall. Celia got a quarter out of her desk drawer. It was her lucky snow quarter. She flipped it high into the air and called "heads." When it landed on the carpet, George Washington was looking up at her. Then she took scissors and paper from her desk. She trimmed the paper into a square. She folded it in half. Then she folded it in half again. She trimmed little shapes around the edges of the folds. When she unfolded the paper, it looked like a lacy snowflake. She put the paper under her pillow with the lucky quarter. She imagined the pillow was a snow cloud. As she fell asleep she pictured cold, silent flakes falling in frozen darkness.


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