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Trong IELTS Speaking, một vấn đề mà rất nhiều bạn học sinh gặp phải đó là không biết cách mở rộng ý ra như thế nào. Thật may là Ad biết đến công thức mang tên A.R.E.A và nhiều bạn học viên AMES đã áp dụng thành công trong bài thi IELTS Speaking. Hôm nay AMES sẽ chia sẻ đến các bạn về công thức này, hy vọng giúp các bạn cải thiện điểm IELTS Speaking của mình.

1. A.R.E.A viết tắt cho từ gì?

  • A – Answer: Đưa ra câu trả lời trực tiếp cho câu hỏi.
  • R – Reason: Đưa ra lý do cho câu trả lời.
  • E – Example: Đưa ra ví dụ cụ thể cho câu trả lời.
  • A – Alternatives: Đưa ra ý kiến phản bác cho câu hỏi (không bắt buộc)

Trong đó, Answer - Reason và Example là những yếu tố phải có trong câu trả lời của bạn, nhưng với Alternatives thì tuỳ vào tình huống và chủ đề mà các bạn có thể đưa vào hoặc không.


AMES tin rằng bất kể mức độ khó của câu hỏi ra sao, việc áp dụng A.R.E.A cũng sẽ cho bạn 1 kết cấu logic để bám vào để mở rộng ý.

Ví dụ: Do you like listening to music?
(Answer) Absolutely yes. I think I cannot live without music (Reason) because it helps me to relieve stress and escape from reality for a while. (Example) For example, whenever I’m in a bad mood, listening to some soothing music helps to lift up my spirit.


2. Các mẫu câu dùng cho Reason, Example, và Alternatives:

Tiếp theo, là các mẫu câu thường để các bạn có thể dùng cho Reason, Example, và Alternatives như sau:

  • Các mẫu câu dùng cho Reason:

" This is (simply) because …"

"The reason for this is that …"

"This is due to the fact that …"

  • Các mẫu câu cho Example:

"For example,..."

"….For instance"

" ….Take …as an example"

"…… is a good example for this. ……"

  • Mẫu câu cho Alternatives:

"Despite the advantages I’ve mentioned, X also has some disadvantages."

"…..However, X does have some drawbacks.…

"What makes me don’t like about………is that…."


3. Cách áp dụng A.R.E.A trong 03 parts của IELTS Speaking 


Part 1: Do you often go to the park?
(Answer) No. I rarely go to the park although there is a park within walking distance from my house. (Reason) I’m always up to the ears with my studies and part-time job, which leaves me little time for outdoor acitivities. (Example) The last time I went to the park was probably about 1 month ago.


Part 2: Describe a job that you do not want to have in the future?

(Answer) When it comes the least desirable job, singer is the first one that comes up in my mind.

(Reason 1) The most important reason why I don’t want to become a singer is that I would have no privacy. Whenever I’m in a public place, whether it’s going shopping, chilling at the park with my friends or having dinner with my family at a restaurant, there would be some paparazzies following me and taking pictures of my activities. (Example) Famous singers like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have been some of the main targets of paparazzies for the sake of their fame. This is really annoying as they cannot do things that a normal person usually do.

(Reason 2) Another reason is that being a famous singer can attract stalkers. Some fans are so obsessed with their favorite singers that they follow them all the time and harass their idols by phone, emails or messages. (Example) For example, a well-known singer that fell victim to stalking is Miley Cyrus when a man tried to break in her house with a scissors.

Part 3: What do you think about children owning a mobile phone?

(Answer) I think young children should not have their own mobile phones. (Reason) This is because mobile phones may distract them from their studies and children can get access to unhealthy content. (Example) For example, they are likely to be exposed to sexual and violent movies on the Internet, which may have negative effects on their behaviors.

What is the most popular means of transport in your country?

(Answer) The way I see it, motorbike is the most prevalent mode of transport in Vietnam. (Reason) I think it’s because motorbike is well-suited to the narrow streets and alleys in Vietnam. Not to mention that a motorbike costs much less than a car. (Example) For example, with about 25 million VND, people can afford a motorbike, while the price of a car is no less than 300 million VND. (Alternatives) However, travelling by motorbikes has some drawbacks including limited storage space and limited carrying capacity.

Chúc các bạn học tập tốt! Và nhớ luyện tập thường xuyên công thức A.R.E.A trong IELTS Speaking nhé!

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