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Điểm Lexile là thang điểm tiêu chuẩn nhằm đo lường khả năng đọc hiểu của học sinh. Không có một tiêu chuẩn bắt buộc nào đối với học sinh phải đạt đến điểm Lexile nào. Tuy nhiên, thông thường các em học sinh ở mỗi cấp lớp sẽ đạt được trình độ lexile nhất định. Bảng sau đây là bảng tham khảo vể điểm lexile của các bạn học sinh từ lớp 1 đến lớp 12. Phụ huynh lưu ý: trình độ đọc của con (điểm Lexile) có thể cao hơn hoặc thấp hơn trung bình.

Mời bạn chọn bài đọc :

California Gold Rush

This passage discusses the discovery of gold in California, which helped to start the movement of people out to the West.

Lexile Level: 220L

In 1848, gold was found in California. Gold floated in streams. You could pick it up with your hand. The news spread across the country. If you found gold, it was yours! Gold miners were making $30 a day. At that time, $30 was a lot of money. A farmer made $0.50 a day. A factory worker made $1 a day. A craftsman made $1.50 a day. People left their homes. They rushed to California. From the East, they came on a dirt trail. It was called the Oregon-California trail. It was a tough wagon ride. The trail was 3,000 miles long. The trip lasted from three to seven months. People didn't care. They had gold fever. They wanted to be rich. These people were called "forty-niners." Many people stayed in California. They didn't go back home. Cities grew. In 1856, San Francisco was the largest city in the West. It had 50,000 people.

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