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Valentine's Day

This passage discusses the origins of Valentine's Day.

Lexile Level: 980L

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 all over the world. In the United States, Canada, and many European countries, sweethearts give each other flowers and candy. Children give cards to their friends, and sometimes they have parties at school. In Britain, some unmarried women get up early and stand by the window, waiting for a man to walk by. They believe that they will marry the first man they see, or someone who looks like him. In Denmark, men write funny letters to their valentines and sign them with dots instead of their names, and if the woman guesses who sent the letter, the man gives her an Easter egg for Easter! Japanese women give men gifts on February 14, but the men don't give candy to women till March 14. People in Italy give each other candy in baskets and cups. Some Italians have a Valentine's Day feast. Valentine's Day in Mexico is a day of love and friendship. Balloons, chocolate, red roses, and cards are sold everywhere. The people who sell greeting cards may have the best reason to celebrate. Around the world, people buy around a billion Valentine's Day cards every year!


Fragrance has played an important role in human relationships for thousands of years. In a...


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